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What if?

Are you sure? What if it doesn’t work out? Have you thought about it? I don’t think you should? What about money? What about your job? Your [insert age]! Don’t do it! I’s too far! What about me / us [insert a loved one’s name]

Have you heard any of this before? Highly likely when telling others about your goals / dream / mission / adventure / plan – whatever it is! I’ve heard all of this before and a lot more. Mostly, from loved ones or people close to me. This doesn’t mean they don’t care however. It’s purely out of love and security I guess so it’s not a negative thing. I’ve learnt to channel some of my excitement and not share everything with certain people, reason being, the scarcity mindset of others can be off putting and sometimes creates questions and doubts in my mind. Have you ever wanted to do something, felt so passionate about it, pure excitement, told someone and shared it with them, to then be told one of the above lines or something else, creating doubts? And then what, you didn’t do it. How do you feel about that now? Granted, sometimes, it’s probably worked for the best, no doubt about that but what if what you wanted to do, did work out; You were sure about it; You thought about it; You knew it was right for you at that time; Money wasn’t an issue. All of this taken into consideration and the questions posed to you made you NOT do that thing

What or who is holding you back?

I’ve been there before. One example being, back in 2009, I was minutes away from paying for a 3-month travelling trip to Australia but due to family circumstances, I didn’t go. I felt I needed to stay to look after others after a conversation with a loved one. I was the one ultimately doing what needed to be done at that time and nobody else was. Without me, someone else would have struggled and got worse. Do I regret it – it’s hard not to. People say have no regrets…it’s pretty hard not to in my opinion. But that’s when it counts, when you experience such situations and more and more times, you don’t do something and eventually, the pin comes off the grenade and you just start living your life, on your terms, how you want to live it, where you want to live it and with whom you want to live it with. Not all of your decision will be right, of course not but I’d rather live knowing I did something and it didn’t work, than living regretting not doing it and wondering, what if?!

Have a moment of reflection now – taken in Koh Tao 2022 – Thailand

Ultimately, it’s your life and only you will feel the emotion and resentment of not doing something you really wanted to do. Whilst it’s important to look after others and your loved ones, live life on your terms. Struggling to take your next step and need a little help, let’s have a free consultation and see how i can help you Work with me

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