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“The Sahara Desert made me feel alive again. I was at peace with myself and with nature. I lost all anger inside of me and found love. I fel in love with me once again.”

Having gone through adversity since the age of 4, I’m living proof that life is what you make of it and your past, environment, circumstances have no control of your life. Be free from it and take your next step, create the life you want.

With a vast amount of experience dealing with and being surrounded by, trauma, tragedy, illness, drug use, alcohol, suicidal attempts, domestic abuse, bereavement and more, I’m in the right place and have the required experience to listen and support you through online support providing valuable accountability coaching.

My aim is to build a relationship with you to help you understand what’s driving you and your decision making. Doing this helped me gain clarity into me and my decision making when I acquired mentors and coaches. It’s not however a one time fix but with understanding and awareness comes fulfillment and gratitude. Once you can do this, guess what, you’ll become better at understanding others which will propel your life to the next step

Are you ready to take your next step?

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