He stood on my step, his weak smile was fooling no-one; “hey buddy” I greeted him as we swapped stares. “Hey” the pause lingered for what seemed an age. He awkwardly shuffled and lent against the wall of my porch. “Listen, I just wanted to say”, his pause was longer this time and I felt I needed to respond or break the silence “Bud, I know”. His eyes brightened, a slight glimmer of a smile twitched. “I don’t need to hear it”, I said. He slid forward, maybe it was even a stumble, I truly can’t remember. I reached out to steady him, my hand grasped his shoulder; this wasn’t the figure of the man I knew only months ago. His woollen jumper hid the signs of his dramatic weight loss. “I’ll beat this” his words, echoed in my head, “we will” I replied. I am never one to openly be emotional, I felt trapped in myself, unable to reach out and support beyond the barriers I had built myself. Click the link for the full blog. https://tyns365.com/2020/04/28/theawakening/