With your ‘epic origin’ (#epicorigin) you have the ability to ‘take your next step’ (#tyns365) beyond six (#BeyondSIX)We are the #Wolfpack (we) stand united in spirit with our past and burden on our back (SIX) but we keep stepping forward (Beyond). We are strong in our self belief and stronger as a pack, (we) are one, we are all #BeyondSIX

Beyond SIX get togethers / events

August – The BeyondSIX team tackle 100km through the Southdowns

September 26th and 27th 2020 #wolfpack welcome – FDx5 – Hughesy tackles the fan dance not just once but 6 times. Knowing him, it’ll be more than 6. The BeyondSIX team will have a basecamp set to welcome anyone who wants to get involved or just simply have a chat and brew. Did we mention, there will be free coffee to drink thanks to our partners at 5 Twenty Coffee who will set up a little coffee station. We will also have some free giveaways so get yourself over. Updates will be shared over on our Instagram page @BeyondSIX


Although our current events are attended for no fee, we would love to enhance the experience for those attending and to do this, we require support. Eventually, we want to provide you with water and snacks and eventually experience days out. If you could donate a small amount we would be so grateful for this. Any amount is appreciated whether that be £1, £5 or £100, it will be put back in towards running Beyond Six. A regular payment can also be selected via paypal.