Health and Fitness

The items listed below are ones I use, tried and tested; all have had a huge benefit to my health and wellbeing. If you have any questions, please drop me a message

EYE MASK FOR SLEEPING – Before getting this mask, i would struggle to fall asleep. Since using the mask, it doesn’t take long to fall asleep. The benefit is, in the morning, the mask is still on and no light reaches my eyes causing me to wake up. So, if you do not have black out curtains, this mask is a must

FIRST AID KIT – I purchased this kit after coming across a road side incident where a lady had fallen and required bandages – i didn’t have any. I made it a priority to carry a first aid kit in my car. Since then, i have come across another incident where i have assisted someone on the roadside and provided first aid – the kit was a godsend. As well as for others’ benefit, it’s a great reassurance to know this is in your possession when travelling incase you or a family member need first aid