Thank you for visiting. If you’d like to be a guest on a future episode, please get in touch. Email us with ‘PODCAST GUEST’ on the subject line, and some detail in the email about you and your story and what message you’d like to put out there. I would particularly like to hear from

  • Former Military personnel who have served in Elite units
  • Men who have suffered a violent past
  • Women who have suffered domestic violence
  • High performing individuals
  • Former “addicts” (alcohol, drug, gambling, sex etc)
  • Child abuse sufferers (Must now be adults)
  • Anyone who has or is going through Bereavement
  • If your story in general can / will inspire others
  • If are living with / caring for a parent / loved one, who has a long term illness

You can find the Podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Podcast Republic or Castbox

1 Comment

  1. l’m am adult survivor
    after 20 years of child abuse by both my mother and uncle. I am now starting to speak out about it (brief situation/s) as l want to create awareness l also thrive on people asking me questions.


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