Strongmen are a fully registered charity with aims and ambitions to tackle emotional and mental health issues brought about by the suffering from bereavement.

StrongMen will initially provide and deliver, FREE weekend breaks for men aged between 18 and 55 who have suffered the bereavement of a spouse, child, parent or sibling. To donate to my justgiving page, where donations will go directly to strongmen, please visit

Rishi from TYNS joins Strongmen weekend

Friday 11th October, I headed up to Snowdon in preparation for walking the Ranger path on Saturday. This was a weekend organised by Strongmen, aiming to get 25+ men in an environment where there would be no pressure to talk but also, freedom to talk to other men who have suffered from bereavement. Why did I go? In reality, prior to the event, I wanted to go in order to listen to other men and help in any way I can. What actually materialised was me also sharing my experiences with men I’ve never met before. Men that knew what to say and what not to say. We would sometimes share dark humour, something that couldn’t not be understood by others who have not experienced what we have experienced. Efrem, Dan and the team have come up with something truly remarkable

2 Days on and I’m still struggling to put into words what that weekend felt like but I will give it a try. To see and be amongst SO many men that have struggled following bereavement made it all feel real and normal. We had an un-spoken bond with each other. We had at some point, walked through the same emotional battlefield and some were still there. Like soldiers have the brotherly bond, I felt the same with these men. The men that were still walking through the battlefield, I could see it in their eyes. The difference however from when I first spoke to a few of these men and then at the end of the walk was mega. It’s like a pathway had opened and they seemed that little much more open but also that little glimmer of hope could be seen in their eye. This was soul warming. When you can see the change within someone, after such short space of time, you know this type of event will not only change lives but SAVE LIVES.

If you have experienced bereavement, at any point, I urge you to apply to one of the events and just register your interest as it is first come first serve. Strongmen however do have intentions to increase their events next year due to the interest they have.

They are a truly amazing charity and one that Take Your Next Step will continue to support in any way we can.

Please do visit their website on

To donate to my justgiving page, where donations will go directly to strongmen, please visit

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