Rishi – Accountability Coach

An online accountability coach with a wealth of experience navigating hardships in real life situations, pushing past obstacles, knowing the value of taking one step as well as readiness for life in general.

With a vast amount of experience dealing with and being surrounded by, trauma, tragedy, illness, drug use, alcohol, suicidal attempts…About me


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  • Are you struggling to go past an internal obstacle (thought barrier – doubts)?
  • Got a generic gym routine / plan but nobody to hold you accountable and ask you questions and track your progress?
  • Not sure on how to balance your work – life routine? Add children and family to the mix, where is your time?
  • Not happy in your current environment (job, house, relationship[s] etc, and want to change but not sure how or just scared?
  • You want to seriously elevate your mindset
  • You’re fed up of being average and following the crowd
  • Have limited or no goals and not sure on how to achieve or even plan for the future
  • You just want someone to hold you accountable and to call you out when needed
  • Always thinking negatively and want to change this pattern NOW


The aftermath

The day was going well, it was 8th September 2022, I was on my way to Nottingham from Watford, having…

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Have you ever decided to do something because you want to achieve a goal, so you plan out how you…

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