Story – I need help…

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That’s all Ambrosio heard after his mum Althea’s head hit the ground. Her boyfriend, Icarius, had hit her so hard, she fell instantly.

Ambrosio was only 7 years old; a sweet, happy go lucky little boy, who, on a regular occasion, had to witness his mother getting abused.

On this occasion, he had no idea what to do. He was scared, full of confusion. As he looked around, all he saw was heavy machinery, boxes full of old garments and rails. He wanted to pick up the nearest object and wallop Icarius across the head and get his mum out of there, fast!

He thought, “what if he hits me? What if it hurts? What if he hits me that hard, like he hit her? What if I fall? What if I die? I need help”

All this time, whilst he stood there, watching his mum get thrown around like an object, Ambrosio was stood still, frozen, like an ice sculpture; but his mind was full of questions and doubts. Icarius was so busy throwing Althea about, he didn’t even notice Ambrosio was stood there, by the door way to the outside.

Although Ambrosio was frightened to physically do something, he knew he needed to get help, and get help FAST. After all, he was only 7 years old.

Ambrosio ran as fast as possible, darting towards the stairwell, jumping 2-3 steps when his momentum allowed him to. It was a 6 floor building; the run from the top felt like 6 minutes but in reality, it took less than 60 seconds, due to the speed at which Ambrosio was running at.

With tears pouring down Ambrosio’s cheeks, he still, at that time, running fast, felt like some superhero who had to rescue his mum. Getting someone else to help him, felt like the only way to stop this man from throwing his mother around. She was a human, not a football. Humans are not made to be kicked about. Children should not have to watch anyone get physically abused, ever; no buts, no if’s, no what if’s – it should not happen. The effect this has on a child can be long term. In Ambrosio’s case, it was long term, however he was not like others, and he was a real hero.

Icarius was 3 times the size of Ambrosio, he was a real bully and liked throwing his fists around and showing how tough he was. In reality, he was a weak man. He would only do this to the vulnerable and those that would not stand up to him. Ambrosio was only 7; how could a 7 year old stand up to this violence.

As he reached the bottom, he ran out the building, pushing the doors in front of him open. On a normal day, he would have to force them open, as to the size of them. Today, it’s like he just touched them and they flew open. He was full of pain but rage at the same time.

He frantically looked left, nobody was to be seen. He scanned to the right, again, nobody to be seen. He felt even more hurt. He didn’t know what to do. What he really wanted was to save his mum. The thought crossed his mind, “what if he’s killed her? What if I never see her again?” He let out another cry. More tears rushed down his cheek.

He turned around and ran. He heard a voice, a voice of a radio, like those the police use. He smiled. He thought the police were here and somebody else must have called them. As he ran around this lorry, it was a security guard, stood there, looking around. It seemed like he was talking to someone else, doing some sort of check, “yes boss, I’m all good”

He rushed towards him, tears still rushing down his cheeks.

Guard: “hey, why are you crying? What is the matter?”

Ambrosio: “I..I..I NEED HELP!!” He’s beating my mum up. Please help me.

Guard: “Who is? Calm down kid. Have some water”…..NO, LISTEN TO ME, cried out Ambrosio. “You need to follow me. My mum’s boyfriend is beating her up. He kicked her and punched her, please come and help her, she needs your help” Ambrosio, this time, very strong willed and clear with his instructions. The guard put his can of coke in his cabin and followed Ambrosio.

“Oi, wait for me…no need to run” said the guard. “Yes there is, we need to hurry, he will kill her” replied Ambrosio. They both darted up the stairs, avoiding the wait for the lift as others were on the ground floor waiting for the old, caged lift.

As both the guard and Ambrosio reached the top floor, they both walked into the room, Ambrosio holding the guards hand. As brave as Ambrosio felt, he was PETRIFIED. He was shaking. He was expecting some severe consequences. He thought he may be kicked and punched. The guard could not stay there forever. He was there though, stuck.

“Is everything ok here?” said the guard. Icarius confidently, with a smile replied, “yeah, we were arguing, kid must have got scared, everything is ok, Althea, isn’t that right?” After a 2-3 second pause, Althea replied, “yes, nothing happened, you can go now”

And off the guard went, patting Ambrosio on his back. Icarius looked at Ambrosio, grinned, and then walked straight into his office.

Althea and Ambrosio both left to go home. Nothing was ever said between Althea and Ambrosio, he was just happy that she was alive.