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I had no idea just how sea sick I am until I almost died from Koh Phangan to Koh Tao. OK, slight exaggeration but it felt like I would die! I was rescued by my mate James, who had to physically hold me back, whilst i would vomit, aggressively over the edge of the boat, and he to pull me back from going overboard! Maybe it’s not an exaggeration then! Anyway, the journey was hideous! Call me a helicopter

Go back 5 days and Fernandes and myself got food poisoning! Ok this time death was far but what a downer! We spent 2 days sleeping and for the troubles, booked a more luxurious place this time, over the hostels. We stayed in a place called Banyan resort in Phi Phi. The place was immaculate, had a decent pool and a top of the range gym…We didn’t use any of this! We just wanted some comfort in a decent room so we could sleep!

I’m now losing track of what day it is. We said our goodbyes about 5 days ago.  Fernandes is top bloke, more like a little brother to me! We shared many stories together and some deep conversations! He said he learnt so much from me but from my point of view, I learnt so much from him! He was grounded, humble, a deep thinker, a little like myself. I guess this is why we vibed so well from the start. He was heading off to Bangkok for his final days there, and me off to Koh Tao

My plan was to head to Koh Tao for 2 days, maybe 3 and then move on. I’m now 5 days in and thinking to stay for another 14 or maybe even until the end of my trip which will be some time in June. The place is simply incredible! You have it all here; Chill vibes, party vibes, diving vibes, muay thai vibes, jujitsu vibes, beach vibes, I could go on

I decided on my second day to get 10 private BJJ (Brazilian Jujitsu) sessions. My first 2 weeks was full of partying and I wanted to go back to some training and immerse myself into it – no better way then having private jujitsu sessions. I went into Monsoon gym and there it began, my new regime! BJJ sessions with their BJJ coach, Luke, and strength sessions in my own time – I’m 4 days into the routine and all I can say is life is beautiful! I’m in my element. I’m living on my terms. I’m doing what I want to do. I’m training sometimes twice a day, at the very least once! Rest will be included within this as I know I’m staying and will need to rest the body but the mind is at peace and fulfilled already! If I was to go back to the UK tomorrow, I’d be happy and would go back with a heart full of love and fulfilment – but I’m not done yet! I’m staying longer! Tell me, if fear wasn’t there, what would you do? I got asked this by Carina, a German girl i met at Coconut monkey. Another deep thinking individual with meaningful conversation. I’ll never get bored of that

On route to Koh Tao, from Krabi, i met this really chill guy from UK, named Pete. He’s still on the Island. His vibe is contagious, full of laughter and joy. Been spending time with him as well as some others from his hostel; 2 friends from the UK who are travelling together, Jamie and Rheanna, i have so much love for them, absolutely incredible people and genuinely nice humans; then a young couple from the UK, Alina and Hugo, again, 2 incredible young souls, always laughing and smiling! Rewind a week, I was heading to Krabi from Phi Phi and as the ferry was docking, I was on the deck waiting to depart and started talking to an American girl, we had a little laugh at the locals trying to push by us with no manners and then I advised them, on the way out, to haggle with the taxi drivers! I looked back a few times and thought I should’ve connected with her and her mate on Instagram, they seemed cool. Anyway, fast forward a week and now in Koh Tao, I connected with the American and finally got her name, Kim. Her friend was Chelsea. We met a couple of nights ago and had the most amazing evening and night! We laughed, drank, danced, walked, travelled, and even decided to get onto the Ocean at 1am! The night didn’t include any sleep – it was 6am and I had a BJJ session at 11:30. I thought fxxk it, I’m living in the moment and will be just fine in my session. I managed to get 2 hours sleep before waking for breakfast, pre session.

Friendships are being forged and I’m starting to get used to good people leaving. It’s sad I guess when you have such a good time with people, not just for a day but for longer, and then you or they depart. This is unfortunately a part of life and one part of life we all must get used to. Some people will come and go and some will stay. Physically however they may leave but the connection remains and contact can continue. They will leave a little imprint of joy in your heart, cherish those people and moments! I’ve got super super intentional over the last 2-4 years with who I let into my life. I only have so much energy and I don’t want to be expending that into worthless and meaningless relationships and connections.

Right, back to it. Kim was here for 2 days with her friend Chelsea. As I said above, we had such a great first evening, I spent some time with her the following day and again yesterday, the day she left. We had breakfast together and also managed a walk down the beach. I think this was my first proper beach walk since arriving in Thailand. It was nice. Kim left later that day but once again, a connection was forged and my heart full – I think it may explode with the amount of love within. I can deal with that.

A farewell walk with Kim
Sairee beach

One person still around, from my original Bangkok days is James. You remember him right from a few blogs ago. He’s also on the island so it’s nice to have a familiar face and a fellow original Thailand boy crew haha

So, for now, I will continue living in the moment. This is seriously immersive and highly addictive. I don’t know what’s next but hey, next is not even here, it doesn’t exist, all I have is now

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Rishi – aka Miami