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Happiness or pleasure

For a while I was mistaking pleasure for happiness. The job. The salary. The women. The car. The Status is commanded. The instant gratification that I’d receive from all of these but never really getting that deep feeling of happiness. Always looking for the next quick fix of pleasure. Fortunately, this didn’t take over my life, I still had some form of awareness that this is not really deep happiness.

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Cycling to happiness

Back in my early years, between the age of 8 – 16 I was almost attached to my bike, like a prison guard escorting a prisoner to court. It was never far from me. It was the first thing that crossed my mind when I woke up. I would be eager to get out of…

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Memories don’t fade

Do they really die?Are they still in your heart? Well, feelings for loved ones who have passed away don’t really fade away. The loved one may not be with you in person and the physical form of the person is in fact no longer with you but you still class them as dead. In a…

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