It’s not always what it seems

It’s not always what it seems

April 25, 2022 Off By Rishi - TYNS365

I had no idea what Thailand would have in store for me when I booked it. All I had in mind was photos of tranquil beaches and beautiful sunsets. I didn’t think of much else. Of course, I knew I would meet people and some I would get on with, and some I wouldn’t. That’s just life right! I actually, already have met some simply incredible people, from all walks of life, ages and cultures. If I was to leave the country tomorrow, I would leave with a smile and consider my travels a success and in the memory bank, having met these people. I’ve only been here 5 days – crazy I know.

Having arrived in Bangkok and after the first night in quarantine, I moved over to a hostel. I have never stayed in a hostel before and was slightly apprehensive coming into this. What I had in store was, incredible people. First of all, I was sat writing my last blog (go check it out before reading on) and there comes this bloke and we both greeted. His name was Daniel but I’ll call him Fernandes. Another in the same room, a bloke called Win! I also made contact with a bloke from Liverpool prior to my travels, called James. Another 2 girls from Germany we also met, Hannah and Pia – top birds I must say. I won’t go into too much detail about these 5 but bravo to them. They’ve made the first 5 days memorable already. Late night chats, drinking, busting out some dance moves and much more. The experiences matter. The environment although important, with the right people around you, your soul is full of joy.

I spent a total of 3 days in Bangkok and overall, I can’t really comment on how good it is as I was only in one area but like I said, it’s the people that crate the experience. I love my own time but I also love being with other people and learning about them, their experiences, what drives them and also their soft spots. I always feel there’s something to learn of everybody, no matter their age, sex, race religion, nationality etc.  

Anyway, prior to arriving in Thailand, I was not planning to get an overnight bus – the idea was there but decision was made to only fly or use an overnight train which seems far more comfortable. Secondly, Initially I had no idea on my second place to travel to and upon arrival, thought I’d go to Koh Samui. There we were sat in the bakery on Friday morning opposite our hostel, Mind Day Hostel (wonderful, chilled place and clean) and Fernandes was talking about going to Krabi on the Saturday night…on a BUS! He mentioned how good it would be, how comfortable I would be and how much the time would pass. The c**t sold it to me. I decided to join him the following day and head to Krabi. We went for lunch that day and met James. It was pretty simple…ME: ”James, we’re going to Krabi tomorrow, you coming?” …JAMES: “Yeahhhhh brrooooo” followed by a fist pump to Fernandes and me. And there it began!

A good mention goes out to 3 newbies I met during the last day and on the day of leaving, Elsa, Sejal, and Mike – I’m 100% sure I will be seeing them again!

Fast forward 18 or so hours – we had a lovely VIP coach booked, all singing and dancing to Krabi with 2 stops during the 14 hour journey, throughout the night. The time did fly by though, I must admit. The seats reclined; lights went down – off to sleep we went. We arrived in Surat Thani at 05:30hrs on Sundy morning. We didn’t expect this as we were told we will be going to Krabi on the same coach. Anyway, we were there and needed to get into a mini bus to complete the final 3 hours for Krabi. I approached the desk in the little shop / office, as we were called. The lady behind desk smiled and said “you go to Krabi – bus is at eight thirtyyyy but I can get you there faster and call driver, he come at six thirtyyy…you pay me 300bht each” she was forkin having a giraffe. That’s 900bht between the three of us. I said to her we pay you 100bht – she looked at me as if I asked her to have sex. She was horrified. She point blank said “no, you wait then until eight thirtyyyy”. There comes Fernandes, strolling in and asking what’s happening. I briefed him on the scam going down. He looked mortified…” what…we paid for VIP bus to KRABI – we are not paying any more, this is a scam” something along those lines. He got the same response as I did. We were waiting outside and slightly pissed off to be honest. Although we cannot change the situation, we were not happy. Not happy because they were doing this to a lot of people. I walked into the shop again and 2 different girls who were at our hotel and also 14 hour journey were sat with the lady. The got scammed 600 bht! I was livid. I asked them why they did it and they literally looked annoyed and regretful. I looked at the lady behind the counter and said why are you doing this to my friends…her response…” if they your friends, what are their names?” I told her to “fuck off”. Now, I know some of you may think that’s bad and rude but I couldn’t care less…I hate bullies and to me they take advantage of people and the vulnerable and I am not standing for that. She did not like what I said. Fernandes was outside telling others not to pay extra – we were a NIGHTMARE for these people. Taking away their clients. We then got called by a tuk tuk driver on the road saying “Krabi guys come this way”. They were trying to silence us. Nobody else was being called. Even others going to Krabi left earlier and from the same location and the locals looked angry with us. So, James, Fernandes and me got into the ride…all our bags on. I told them…”boys, this may not end well, put our bags there (pointing at the end of the ride) as they may take us somewhere to rob us” the boys obliged and looked ready for a fight – I couldn’t be more proud of the 2. They were ready to fight and back us all up. I was amongst brothers in arms! Bags were put at the back and we were ready. We were a minute or 2 into the ride and had no idea on where we were being taken. Then we stopped – he told us we wait there and lady come and open! That was it. We were on the SAME road as before, just the other end of the road. I guess they wanted us away from all the others as we were telling them not to fall for the scam! We had 2 hours to wait and it flew by! I was amongst 2 guys who will remain friends!

We arrived in Krabi and then made our way to AoNang – what a stunning place this is! In my opinion, so much better than Bangkok but that’s only my opinion. If you like city life then BK is the one. I came here for sunsets, ocean and tranquillity and I have it here. First night, we went to a place called Mr Longs bar – really good place and great vibes – but again, if you’re with good people, it doesn’t matter where you are. We met some new people on the first day (yesterday) as they knew Pia and Hannah (from BK). It was really good to see them 2 again – great girls. We had a great evening and I spent most of my time chatting to Clari (girl from Germany) and Sabrina (Girl from back home, in Birmingham).

On my way home, I was in a tuk tuk alone and seen a woman flat out on the floor. I demanded 2 times the driver to stop and he finally did. All I saw was blood, and the local police, who eventually arrived, absolutely useless. Keep an eye for the next blog and I’ll continue the story