They call me Miami. 24 hours in Thailand

They call me Miami. 24 hours in Thailand

April 21, 2022 Off By Rishi - TYNS365

24 hours in Thailand and probably the simplest way to describe it, (compared to what I’m used to in everyday life and holidays) DIFFERENT!!

It all began when I was boarding my final plane from Turkey, Istanbul to Bangkok. I was sat in the boarding lounge and there she was, a pretty, elegant lady. Hair straight down, nice black heels, a blue polka dot dress, face slightly done up but not over the top, she was kind of sexy. She was sat alone, focused in on her phone. I thought she was a business woman but just doing her thing. Anyway, as I was entering the tunnel, walk way to the plane, there was a que right before the entrance. I was behind 5 Thai business men talking about finance and plans on how to move forward – they seemed pretty important. So, the woman approached me as I turned back around, she had the biggest smile and greeted me with, “hello handsome, how are you?” I replied with a “yes, I’m very good, and how are you?” I was being polite. Now, I won’t go into the entire conversation but it went like (from her side)

“This is your first time to Thailand” – “It is not safe” – “stay with me, I will show you good time” – “You are very sexy, big boy” whilst grabbing my biceps. For f*ck sake I was thinking. She then wanted to sit with me on the plane and asked the cabin crew on entry if she can – I was stood behind her and I looked at the crew and nodded NO! They got the drill and politely declined her whilst giving me a big grin as I walked past. She then continued to make a fool of herself on the plane, stumbling around and even spiling her breakfast into the isle. Did I mention, she smelt of alcohol and fags? No, I didn’t. Sorry! She was definitely steaming. Mind you, I could’ve got a little pleasure on the plane ha-ha! Glad I didn’t.

Thai covid process (as was when I landed, April 20th 2022) wasn’t too long winded. I heard some bad reviews but all in all, it was ok. I guess all I’m trying to do whilst here and moving forward is purely live in the moment and not worry too much about the uncontrollable and this was one of those moments. It was a PCR test on arrival at the hotel, via a pre booked taxi and result within 24 hours. As it was a long journey and approaching evening time, I wasn’t too fussed about having a night in anyway so ordered some food and decided to sleep by 8pm. This wasn’t probably a great idea as I slept solid, until TEN THIRTY pm. I was screwed as i was then awake until 4am and ordered a burger king delivery at 3am.

Day 2

After leaving my hotel, I made way to my next place which was Mind Day hotel, very close to Khaosan Road, left my big backpack there and thought, now what! THIS is the reason I came to Thailand; to have minimal plans and just go with it! To decide dynamically what to do and do it. I know this may not always work but if I follow the 80/20 rule, I’ll be fine. Unplanned 80%, planned 20%. Probably similar to my eating! Anyway, today (21st April) the tuk tuks have free gasoline. I only found out when I got approached by a bloke whilst taking a walk towards Khaosan Road. He offered me a tour to see 4 of the main temples which included his time too. When he said 100Bh – I was shocked. That’s like £2.30 in UK. I mean, a brandy and coke costs more! I thought it may be a scam, or he just wants to rob me. I decided to go with it and just thought f*ck it – I’ll fight him and whoever, if needed to keep my money haha Oh and, I just, 10 minutes prior exchanged all the money I brought with me – it was A LOT! Oh well – there I went. The temples were ok – some, you could see in minutes. What was brilliant though was the tallest free-standing Buddha – have a look at the pictures below. Hunger was approaching my empty belly and I decided to get myself and Halland, my driver, some lunch. He was actually a top bloke although he did ask if I want Boom Boom later and he will arrange it.


Probably, i got asked this about 8-10 times whilst walking back from Khaosan Road. Looks like this is normal in the country, which is a little shame really but it is what it is. I guess many many tourists have a good time with the boom boom and men and women need to make a living and who better to make from than horny tourists. Rest assured you, I won’t be PAYING for any boom boom!

So, including a few coffee stops, that’s my first 24hours and the rest of the day left and the rest of the adventure, I just get a feeling it’s going to be INSANE and I’m full of excitement!!! I’m feeling a little out of my comfort zone due to the uncertainty. I do enjoy a level of uncertainty in my life but this is pushing it to another level and there’s one thing that I know that’ll be on the other side of this uncertainty, and that is GROWTH!

PS – I told that driver, “they call me Miami” – (joke with some friends) – I bumped into him on my walk back to the hostel and no lie, he was about 50 yards across the road from me and he shouted, “HEY MIAMI, WHAT’S UP BRO” – This just made me laugh!

For now, that’s all. Stay tuned for more Miami in Thailand!

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Love, Rishi, they call me Miami.