Last minute flap

Last minute flap

April 12, 2022 Off By Rishi - TYNS365

Once again, I’ve left things to the last few days and almost, last minute. As you know, I’m moving out my current apartment and heading to Thailand for a few months, maybe longer, with most of my possessions going into storage. These are being moved tomorrow and the next day and I have packed only half. Call it a risk but I’ll get it sorted.

It reminds me of back in college or university, having to hand in an assignment, and leaving it to the last minute. Have you done that before? Did you actually do well under pressure? I know when it comes to pressure as such, I tend to flap about but knowing things HAVE to be done and there is no other option, tends to get me going and I know the outcome will be successful. So, as it stands, I’m not panicking. In fact, today, I’ve been to the gym, had a few mentoring calls and even smashed out a few games of FIFA and now wondering how else can I waste my time ha-ha. Jokes aside, I will get what needs to be done, done!

So, when it comes to deadlines and having to do stuff, don’t be so harsh on yourself…unless you point blank know you’re not going to do it and have no experience of smashing it out last minute – start NOW!  

What I have found that helps me is do stuff in chunks – spread it out. Thinking about this whilst I type, I have done some preparation but in chunks. For example, last week, I spent some time (maybe 20-30 minutes a day) getting rid of some stuff I didn’t want, organising some clothes I would take and clothes I would keep. Now, today, I feel it is leaving it late however the hard work is done so it’s kind of all in my head. Know what I’m saying here. Spread it out and the work you need to put in at the end may feel less or you may feel you’re doing less during the end but you’re doing it over time, reducing the last-minute stress factor. You may still feel this – but, you’ve got it in hand 😊 You hope anyway ha-ha

Keep it simple folks

Right, another game of FIFA then. Only kidding, time to cook and eat 😊

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Catch you soon – most likely after i land in Thailand