Mind shift

Mind shift

April 1, 2022 Off By Rishi - TYNS365

As you know, I’m off mid-April to Thailand and also currently, other than a few online clients who I’m mentoring, I have no full-time employment. It feels GOOD! Not having to wake up because of the need to attend a meeting for a company employing me or the requirement to attend an office. It genuinely feels like I’m back in control of my life. Will this last forever, well who knows – what I do know though is the mindset shift and also waking up with a smile. It was a big move but well thought through (if you read my previous blog, you’ll be asking was it thought through – it was) – a decision was made.

Anyway, before I go off in another direction, the point of this blog was to share what happened yesterday. I was at home and due a dreaded leg session in my home gym. I had trained 3 days back-to-back before this but as i was planned to train again, it was itching away all day.

I spent the day doing menial tasks in my apartment, some domestic admin and managed to also see my friend earlier in the day – I got back and kept putting the gym off. It was always “I’ll go in half hour”. That half hour kept being pushed forward. It was one of those internal fights, arguments, call it what you like but I didn’t want to train. I then asked myself am I putting this off because I’m tired, does my body hurt from previous sessions, am just being a lazy cvnt or is it I just simply don’t want to? The answer was, I’m just being a lazy cvnt. I did also however have a little niggle but it was then being used more of an excuse then the reason.

So, what did I do – I made an agreement with myself. I told him (me) “Get your arse into the gym, and just do some calf raises for your small calf’s” – it’s friggin hard to grown them, don’t judge me. Plenty of other blokes probably know this feeling. Anyway, so the plan was to hit my gym and bang out 10x sets of 10 calf raises. This would’ve been good enough and I’m also adding some volume to the calf’s anyway pre-Thailand. The trick worked – I went in, and banged out 10 sets of 10 and felt great!

The lion inside was roaring though. I thought what is the point in stopping now. I was fully fired up and raring to do more. Then came the squats – banged out 10 sets of 10 – forkin felt GREAT! It did stop there though as my hunger was kicking in and it was nearly 7pm – time for dinner!

That was it – although I didn’t do a full leg session – I did just enough to feel satisfied but I also pushed through that initial feeling of not wanting to train.

So, when you are putting something off, it’s so easy to put it off completely and think, tomorrow, or even, f*** it. If you can come up with some form of agreement with yourself, like I did, I guarantee you will feel better and hey, there’s a chance you may even do more than what you agreed. Another example, using the gym again…not wanting to train but going in and doing half a session – so half all your sets – it does wonders.

Now, I know there comes a point you genuinely need a rest and I’m a big advocate in listening to your body but you will be surprised at what your body can endure. When it comes to your mind however, that fucker lies to you, be careful of what you agree to and what you listen to. Push that little bit or come to some form of agreement with it.

PS – even those 10 sets of 10 squats done me yesterday. DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness) kicking in as the day goes by today. A wonderful feeling haha

That’s all folks

Rishi TYNS with small calf’s