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Ambrosio – Story pt3 – Harmonia and Chicken

Ever since meeting him, Ambrosio was scared of Icarius. He was that scary looking man, a moustache, piercing eyes full of evil most of the time, short and small in stature, but as a child, of course he was a lot bigger than Ambrosio. He who would raise his voice to get what he wants, he would demand from Althea, push her around, beat her up and at times, also hit Ambrosio and his brother, Uther. Uther was a lot taller than Ambrosio and a little stronger that Ambrosio.

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Story – I need help – Part 2

“NO, NO, NO, STOP! Leave her alone you bad man. MUM, please hit him” Ambrosio was there, shouting for Icarius to stop hitting his mum. He ran towards the sewing machine onthe other side of the shop floor. He was manically opening the 3 draws looking for something. The machinery was full of dust, garments,…

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