Ambrosio – Story pt3 – Harmonia and Chicken

Ambrosio – Story pt3 – Harmonia and Chicken

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Before reading pt3, i would highlight recommend you read pt 1 Story – I need help… followed by Story – I need help – Part 2 so you get some insight into Ambrosio who is the main character along with his mum Althea. These are fiction stories which i hope you will enjoy however some scenes, you may find upsetting however as you know, i do highlight reality in my blogs and also stories and overcoming such reality. Enjoy!


Ever since meeting him, Ambrosio was scared of Icarius. He was that scary looking man, a moustache, piercing eyes full of evil most of the time, short and small in stature, but as a child, of course he was a lot bigger than Ambrosio. He who would raise his voice to get what he wants, he would demand from Althea, push her around, beat her up and at times, also hit Ambrosio and his brother, Uther. Uther was a lot taller than Ambrosio and a little stronger that Ambrosio. He also however was suffering from what they both had seen as children, the violence towards their mother, the father Constantine who would drink ale and spirits, causing havoc in the city. Icarius had many wives but always confessed to love Althea, although this was not true. How could someone hurt their lover physically? It’s not possible. It was a few months after the incident in part 2 (Story – I need help – Part 2) and Ambrosio was going on a road trip to another town, Nuntea, very excited, excited to see the girl he likes and also his favorite chicken


Off they went, Ambrosio, Althea and, that monster Icarius. Icarius could sometimes be very charming, he used to sing songs in the car whilst driving, romantic songs and direct them to Althea. Ambrosio didn’t really think much of it and would fall asleep in the car. It was amazing to sleep in the car as a child, the best sleep Ambrosio would have. Ambrosio would have to be shoved by Althea to wake up, but waking was exciting as he would get to see his little sweetheart. He was a romantic at heart, even at a young age, as young as 6. He would have a love letter ready and waiting to give to his little lady Harmonia. The letter would be hand delivered to her upon meeting in the room, In-front of everyone. He had some strong will; nobody was going to get in the way between him and Harmonia, Love. After all, she was one of the main reasons he would go to Nuntea, and of course the chicken! Anyway, the adults would talk about work, movies, food, songs and whatever else adults used to talk about when kids were not in the room. Ambrosio would go out to play with Harmonia, her sisters and friends – all girls. Ambrosio would love hanging around the girls, something that he continued to do throughout his years. They would play games like kiss chase, tick, knock door run, and other games he cannot even recall. This would last for hours, until food was ready and they were called in, or, one of them were hungry! Food was the main reason however on this occasion and visit, Althea, Icarius and Ambrosio were going to be eating at a restaurant later that day. Icarius was shouting and the kids were in the garden getting scared, nobody knew what was happening.


“Let go of her, the kids are here” shouted Harmonia’s mum, Sofia to Icarius. Ambrosio thought he was going to wee himself. He was so scared. Althea looked at him with tears falling down her cheeks. He quickly turned around and ran to the bathroom. He just about got his little trousers off, right in time to wee. He also cried whilst there in the bathroom. He didn’t know what to do but was scared and now, embarrassed of what he saw and the fact he was crying! Most kids are not built for things like this. Some get used to seeing abuse in their household, with one of their parents facing physical and / or verbal abuse. However, Ambrosio just couldn’t get used to it. He had seen this from as far back as he could remember, when his father Constantine would hit Althea. He couldn’t take it anymore but didn’t know what to do, so would sometimes hide and cry. On many occasions, he did wee himself out of fear that Althea would not wake up or that Icarius would hit him. As he came out of the bathroom, maybe 10 minutes after going in, Harmonia’s mum Sofia took him into her arms and gave him a big hug but also giving him a chocolate at the same time; an after eight, one of Ambrosio’s favorite. He smiled like a very happy and grateful little boy would, when given one of his favorite chocolates. The pleasure was short lived as Icarius would, in a loud voice, shout for Ambrosio to get ready as they were leaving. Ambrosio was scared so would do as he was told but he was also always embarrassed and had anger in him when Icarius would call him a name he had created himself. Ambrosio was slightly dark in complexion, but nothing out of the ordinary. Icarius would call him a name which would translate to black boy. Ambrosio hated it, and so did Althea. As they were leaving, Icarius was shoving Althea out.


The shoving was happening from the living room, to the door way, all witnessed by Sofia, her husband and others that were also in the room. They all loved my mum and treated her like a sister and by one, a daughter. The problem however was that Icarius was their boss, he was the one paying their wages but they all hated him and how he treated Althea. They were warned by Althea not to say anything. As they were leaving, Ambrosio was petrified of what will happen next. He wanted to stay with Harmonia and her family and be safe. A little part in him didn’t want to go with Althea and Icarius. He knew Althea would go and nothing would change but he felt scared himself; let’s not forget, he was only 8. He shouted to Althea and Icarius asking why do they have to go and why can’t they just stay where they were and eat there? After all, Sofia had also cooked dinner and asked them to stay and eat. Although he wanted his chicken, he wanted safety and didn’t want to be alone with them 2. Icarius looked at him, grabbed him by his shoulder and shouted “GET OUT”. Ambrosio, from somewhere, maybe out of embarrassment as Harmonia was watching, got the strength to defend himself. He kicked out and a good left foot straight into the shin of Icarius. A victory at last. Ambrosio was full of joy and strength inside and was probably trying to look good with Harmonia there – but that lasted 1 second, if that. In his head, the line OH SHIT came to mind, now what, I just kicked a monster. The first thing that came to mind, was run. He legged it out the door, pushing Althea out the way. After all, his first thought was to hide behind her, but he knew Icarius would only hit her to get to him, so in order to save her, he ran. Luckily the door was open. He turned around as he jumped onto the pavement and onto the road, where luckily no cars were coming, and that monster was straight out the door behind him, running towards him. Ambrosio felt some sort of excitement and thrill getting chased, knowing he had hurt him. But he also didn’t want to get hit. He was now almost in fear for his life, thinking Icarius would kill him.


Out also, behind Icarius, ran Sofia’s husband Yazil. He told Icarius to leave it and that Ambrosia was only messing about. In some sort of way, he was defending Ambrosia and being subtle about it. Althea also asked him to stop. Both Ambrosio and Icarius were running around 1 car, like a game of cat and mouse. Ambrosio was nimble and faster so only one winner here. Whilst running though, the words “SORRY” were coming out of Ambrosios mouth whilst from Icarius, it was more like “COME HERE YOU F***ING B***ARD”. Luckily for Icarius, Althea and Yazil managed to talk the monster down. He started smiling saying he won’t do anything and let’s get into the car and go home. GO HOME…what!!


What about the chicken Ambrosio wanted? He didn’t know what else to say so he got into the car and no words were spoken to him by Icarius. Althea didn’t say anything either. They also didn’t speak to each other. Ambrosio was hungry but didn’t know if they were going to eat or go home; he was too scared to ask. As they drove further and further away from the area, Ambrosio was angry and tears silently falling down his cheek because he was hungry and really looking forward to the chicken. He fell asleep sulking, crying, only waking in his mums’ arms when she was carrying him out of the car and into their house. He ran to his room and went to sleep, knowing food was not an option that night for him, although Althea did say eat something and she would cook. He just wanted to be alone and to sleep

As ever, thanks for reading, keep an eye out for the next installment of Ambrosia and his tales. If any of the above has hit home and brought back the past, please feel free to reach out if you would like a chat. I’m not a professional but can listen Work with me. Although the link is for my mentoring package, just add a note saying Ambrosio and i will reach out, and of course there is no fee involved. Alternatively, please seek out professional advise. If you’d like any recommendations, again, reach out and I’ll be happy to signpost