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July 29, 2019 Off By Rishi - TYNS365

Here we goooooo AGAIN!!! Some more wisdom from yours truly.

Sunday 21st July – the theme from the day prior continued. I went into the supermarket for ONE item; came out with FIVE! Why do we do this to ourselves? Seems a dull day right – it in fact was very calm and I took time to myself hence this being my trivial lesson of the day ha-ha

Monday 22nd July – After the extravagancy of yesterday, I needed more rest. Ok, fine, I just learnt from yesterday taking time out was good and acceptable. We all need to recharge sometimes. We have so much literature to read, so much knowledge to learn, there are so many resources out there; but once in a while, a rest from learning is also required. Today, for the first time in a while, on a “school night” I watched a movie on Netflix, Mile 22. Decent movie by the way. Typically, my Monday – Thursday, it’s no movies. My days are filled with responsibility at work and when I do sit down in the evening, it’s to eat, where I then may catch an episode of something on Netflix. I could watch Friends all day. What an epic programme.

Anyway, I let go of self-control, I sat there for 90 minutes, oblivious to the external world and just had a good time. When I do sit there and watch movies on weekends, or even sitcoms, I do feel guilty within myself and feel it’s not being productive. I’m a maximiser, I like to make this better and that includes my knowledge, Time is of the essence to me. But today taught me, it’s good to have that time where your mind is calm and doing something totally alien to it. You should try it – let me know how this goes. Tag me in your social media posts and use #tynsandrelax

Tuesday 23rd July – EGO!!! So many of us have one that is way too big. It’s fine. Just don’t react to someone else’s ego. You won’t get anywhere and in fact, you’ll just p** yourself off. Be at peace with your inner self. You cannot control how someone reacts to you or treats you – do not react to ego though

One more thing today – I must stop using statements about what I don’t want – moving on, it’s just about what I want, not the opposite. Do you find sometimes when having a moan, you always talk about how bad something is? How much you don’t like something? All negative statements. This re-enforces negative thoughts in your mind and you WILL attract this into your life. Be conscious of your language and the statements you make. Be mindful of when you’re having a moan. Stop yourself immediately.

Wednesday 24th July – Having a plan is good. Having a routine is good. But don’t be too rigid. Sometimes, life can throw the odd fastball at you and you need to react and adapt to any given situation. Today, I had a later than usual finish at work which meant I didn’t get to go to the gym, do my food prep for tomorrow and also make a full meal for the evening. Now, over the years when this had happened, I’d be annoyed with myself foe being in this situation. Like, why would I treat myself like that and be annoyed, it’s not my fault – I only now can tell myself that. I’ve come to accept certain situation happen and it’s life. It won’t be of detriment to my training; I’ll still eat something; I won’t starve and I just kick on again tomorrow. It’s pretty simple now.

Thursday 25th July – today was 36-38 degrees Celsius. Lesson is to move somewhere where it’s nice and cold. Yeah you read that right. I’m not one for that heat when at work. Ok, main lesson, do not wear ridiculously warm joggers to the gym. Who does that, it’s crazy. But hey, my calf game is still not strong but one I need to accept ha-ha.

Friday 26th July – some of you may resonate with this. I hold very high standards of myself and I am very critical of the things I do, as some of you may know. It still sometimes frustrates me when others cannot have that same level of discipline as me though. Now, this is not always fair on the other person so should learn that not everyone shares the same mentality, and that’s perfectly fine. Do you feel this?

Saturday 27th July – So, I let me hair down again today. I had a relative over and we had a good chat. But we also starting to have a few drinks from about 15:00. Have you even tried Baileys with Courvoisier? It goes down well, but also hits you well. Try it. Not many lessons but as per in the week, let, relax and enjoy life. Make the most out of your time with loved ones. The moment and experience will never ever be the same again, you will never be able to create the same experience. Your mind will think it but it will never be the same, so experience it all. Do things and enjoy life. Each experience creates various feelings and emotions; explore these experiences, do what you like

Once again, it’s been a Pleasure. If you like what you read, please do share and tag me on any social media 🙂

Forever grateful for your support, Rishi