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August 11, 2019 Off By Rishi - TYNS365

Weekly blogs have been slacking so I do hope you can forgive me……pretty please? Thank you. Much appreciated. It’s been a little busy I must say; work keeps me off the streets and in good order; had 2 guests to interview for Take Your Next Step Podcast so plenty of editing undertaken. By the way, you must go and check out my last 2 shows, just head over to iTunes, Spotify, Castbox or Podcast republic and type my name into the search field, Rishi Thobhani. Some awesome shows also coming up. If you’re into Law of Attraction, you MUST keep checking in the next week as I have a incredible guest who will be telling us more about LOA.

Anyway, a slight change of format, I won’t go through each and every day in day format, but I will share with you, lessons learnt during the week (10-14 days in this case – I told you, I’ve had a lot on). I’m currently sat in Inverness Airport with 3 hours to my flight. What a small, tiny and cute airport. You can actually sit and have a coffee and see the runaway.

Saying “No” is seen by most people as rude. Don’t even entertain those peoples. Saying No means, you know what your priorities are and where your time is best suited. In my case, I rejected a meeting. Now, the situation is intense, granted, but it was purely for PR purposes and for me to be there, was not important. My time was best suited to add further value elsewhere. Now, I’ve never been a yes man (couldn’t think of anything worse) so saying no came easy for me. It’s almost a decision that can be made now within seconds. But thinking must still go into it. Yes, you must think quick. This is a skill however you should hone in on. It will serve you well and grant you some respect with your peers. Don’t be rude about it though. Stay humble and polite.

A little add on to the above – Important is not Urgent. Urgent is not Important. Know the difference between the 2. Urgent generally is short term. Something that needs / should be done – or even, something that someone else wants done very quick. You got to think though about importance. Again, is your time best spent here? Too many of us are reactive in our every day life and react to situations. Let’s start putting time aside and be proactive. You can’t deal with everything but just imagine, one small proactive measure, every day, that’s one BIG year you have had. Take small steps every day but make sure these steps are heading you into the right direction #tyns365

Away from the above – sometimes, not knowing how your feeling emotionally is weird. I had a day where I felt this. In the thick of it all though, a deep burning desire inside me knew I’m ok. It’s like there was this reassurance inside me saying “you’re ok mate, don’t think into it”. What started it was thoughts of where I am? Is my career heading in the right direction? Am I giving value to my followers? It was almost me being reflective but too reflective. But then, that’s sometimes going to happen when you have so much going on and that you always want to give your best and maximise your effort. In the end of it, before going to bed, which is when I have a quick debrief, I knew I was good! It was parked there, not going into the next day.

ENERGY!!! This has been a real theme for me lately. Especially following my guest interview with Kim Munnecom. Energy is SOOOO important. The energy you have and show does set you off for a bright day and more importantly, it’s contagious. Energy in my opinion is a language itself. No matter what language the person is speaking, if they have good energy, it will transpire into others

BE KIND! ALWAYS! I was in a tube station one of the days last week and an elderly lady had a suitcase, half the size of her but it weighed as much as her. Now, I’m always helpful and will always offer to help elders, especially when they are going up or down stairs in public and have bags or a suitcase. I’ve been in the London scene for over 2 years now but it still amazes me how people are so into their own life, they can’t offer someone help, someone who is / was clearly struggling. BE KIND!!! Anyway, I asked the lady to hand over her suitcase and her eyes were gleaming with happiness that someone asked her. It shouldn’t be the case though that people are surprised when offered help, this should be the norm!

BEN NEVIS – Not lessons as such really but thought I’d tell you about my walk. I completed it in just under 5 hours and 25 minutes – up and down. I probably could have completed it a little quicker, maybe 5 hours. It was however so worth walking with these 2 humans during the last 25 minutes of the walk. The girl that you see in the picture has fought sepsis 15 times so far – she’s only 19 or 20 I believe. She too was walking for Sepsis UK, like me. The lad in the picture was walking for Lupus UK. We later talked about mental health and how the mind is so powerful and how we al must take a break sometimes and allow ourselves to relax. These two certainly inspired me to keep going and walking the final bit with them was a pleasure. It made reiterated the fact that everyone has their battles – never judge anyone, ever!

Talking of Ben Nevis, the weather was fantastic, all morning. I had given myself a target of completing it by midday, and I did. What amazed me though was the weather. I arrived on Friday and in good Scottish style, it was raining all evening. The weather for the following days was forecasted as rain. It wasn’t going to stop me but it wasn’t ideal. Anyway, I started my climb to fresh breeze and a little sunshine, just after 06:00hrs. The good weather theme continued., It was fresh, a little breeze at times and also, the sun was out. On the way down, I even contemplated taking my tops off – if it weren’t for by dry fit top being stuck to me due to sweat, it was coming off. So, 90 minutes following my climb and lunch, I was heading over to Cromarty and the heavens opened up, RAIN! Even today, it’s been raining all morning. What I’m getting at here is the UNIVERSE. I’m even more intrigued about LOA following my chat with Kim last week for my podcast. I had envisaged me walking up Ben Nevis, all week, and that it was dry, breezy, sunny – it was just that! Not once did I even think about bad weather. People even asked me about the weather, people even said it won’t be good. I however never doubted it and also never in my head thought I’ll be affected by weather, whatever it is. I just knew and felt I will go up there with a certain feeling and certain surround around me. And it all was exactly how I imagined it to be.

PS – DO NOT run-down Nevis 80% of the way. I shouldn’t have done that, it was brutal. But I had a time set and I wasn’t going to compromise this.

Yours truly,

Rishi – my body does hurt today BUT YES it was worth it #tyns365