Time is vital – use it wisely

August 27, 2019 Off By Rishi - TYNS365

Throughout the years, I’ve had numerous occasions where I have left things unsaid or undone. Believe it though, once time is gone, you will never get that moment back. An experience is made up of so many contributing factors such as your emotional state, the other person[s], the environment you’re in, the situation you’re in, your surroundings, even the weather plays its part. Where is Rishi going with this…. well, an experience is just that, an experience; you cannot recreate any one experience (in my humble opinion). If you can get all of the above (and so many more) contributing factors all intact, I’d be surprised. Please share with me your thoughts on this.

Again, where am I going with this? Well, as I said, I’ve had many occasions where I’ve left things unsaid or done, and I continue to do so but less often. I’m constantly learning. Anyway, recently, I’ve been in a little more “Fuck it” sort of mood. If it’s in my mind and I want to do It, I do it. If I want to say it, I say it. That doesn’t mean everything goes said or gets done. Recently I was thinking about booking a Tony Robbins show and I kept on telling myself for a week “I’m going to book it”. I didn’t book it or I wouldn’t have been thinking about it for a week. I realised one morning and thought “what are you even waiting for”….i had NO excuse whatsoever. I booked it. So, it May 2020, I’ll be going to his Unleash The Power Within (UPW) event in Birmingham. If you’re going, holla at me, I’ll buy you a coffee (or tea). Back to my point. Although “do” more nowadays, it’s still a daily debrief that allows me to highlight my thoughts and what I’m pondering on and what I’m putting off. I’ve read somewhere recently that the average person holds about 70,000 thoughts a day. How on earth are we supposed to take it all in…we can’t! It’s impossible. But what you can do is be aware of your thoughts and write down the thoughts that keep cropping back. Now not all 70,000 will be relevant, of course. This number I’m assuming includes things you see, colours, situations, everything that you look at has to be processed. Once filtered you get to deal with what’s left. Thoughts are powerful, review them on a regular basis. I now jot things down on my notes page of my phone, simply because it’s the easiest way when I’m having a debrief with myself at night.

Do you ever get into a rhythm of typing / writing and think “what was my point?” ha-ha – I constantly do this. Goes back to the thoughts comment above, we have so many. When I do, it’s just flows and I type., Back to my point. So, yes, I did it, I booked UPW. But there have been many occasions I’ve wanted to do things or say things. Things as simple as “I love you” or I appreciate you” to my mum. She’s no longer alive as you may know if you’re a regular here. If you’re not, my mum died back in 2016 after almost a lifetime of battling illnesses.

I’s easy to take your loved ones for granted. If I say now that almost EVERYONE does it, I may be right. I used to think there’s no need to say it, and that she knows I love her. But the realism hits you when you’re unable to say these simple words, instead, you think the words “I miss you”

Use your time very wisely. Say what’s also on your mind. Here’s the difficulty though. You sometimes don’t even have things in your mind because you think they will never go; people I mean. That’s also normal. You can’t live your life thinking “I must say something, what if they die” – it’s madness to think that way so everything I said above, use it in context. Know where your time is being spent. You have your close family, who, 9/10 have you love you even if you’re an arshole, but that doesn’t mean you should take them for granted. They are probably the easiest people to please, they only require a small portion of your time. Even a phone call or text message will do. Nurture that relationship because when all hell breaks, they’ll be there.

For me, I put friends into the same bracket as family. Not all friends of course but the handful, maybe 2 handfuls, are like family, and it’s important to water that plant once in a while. Unlike family however, they don’t have to love but some will love you, again, even when you’re an arshole. THEY are the ones to water and sit with!

And then we move onto other people, work colleagues, acquaintances, people you network with. Like friend and family, keep they watered. Some however will need more time. You don’t have a rightful relationship with these. These need to be built through communication, Networking etc. Some would even go so far and say you should go over the top with certain people and pretend to like them even if you don’t; I disagree. But again, contact matters. Certain colleagues or even clients, you don’t need to like, it’s a business transaction and only that. Be genuine and authentic.

These past couple of weekends I have been in Scotland and also spending time with Loved ones, hence not being overly active on social media. It’s important to take time out when you want to

That’s all folks for today. Let us have some thoughts on the above as I’m curious on how people spend their time and how they prioritise where to build and what they take for granted

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It’s been a pleasure, thanks for reading

Love, Rishi