Chat from last week – based on the Instagram live feeds!

Chat from last week – based on the Instagram live feeds!

April 6, 2020 Off By Rishi - TYNS365

So, a weeks’ worth of Instagram live feed everyday has gone down well. Before I go into some highlights of the feeds, I’d like to thank you all for watching and engaging with the guests, fellow viewers commenting and myself. It’s been absolutely immense giving me my daily fix. Let’s be honest, even drug dealers are on lockdown so the fix needs to come from virtual methods. Don’t be daft, I don’t do drugs!

Let’s go through some points below that were discussed – some gratitude that was shared and some questions answered.

Support network. I went into having a robust support network in place. By this, I mean good friends or family or strangers. Whatever and whoever they are, if they do the following, hump them on a Wednesday;

  • Genuinely make you feel good
  • See the good in you
  • When you feel down or bad, they gen want to listen to you and talk to you in order to help you feel better
  • They believe in you and your vision / goals
  • They give you no BS advice – truth!

So of course, there are more qualities but the above was what was discussed. These are the people you want to share things with and ask for opinion. Whereas, we all have friends and family members who are ‘fearmongers’. The people that want security. The people that will put you off and tell you everything bad about doing something. The people that put the fear in you. They are good in certain situation but be careful for what you share as you may be put off doing something or worst, following your vision!

Limit the f***ing news! Not much to go on about here but it’s continuous and repetitive that will consume your mind with negative. Knowing what is happening is great but do you need to know 3-4 times a day and then be filled in fear. In current times it is pretty simple, stay the fuck at home and follow government instructions you cockwomble!

Glass half full or half empty. I asked the viewers this question and which one they were. Most were half full. Some were filling their glass and some banter flew in. One response was “Half full. I always think I can improve and get further so never satisfied”. This can be a subjective view. In my opinion, this could be seen as half full. You’re always wanting to improve which is great – keep pushing. Maybe flip the mindset and understand why you feel this. Is it because you’re not happy with your current situation, circumstances, environment etc. If this is the case, then possibly half full. There could be blurred lines I guess of happy with the current situation, comfortable, not wanting to improve or happy but still wanting to improve. Which one are you?

Uncertainty. A viewer mentioned this uncertain time we are in and they feel so uncertain. I totally get this. You cannot however change anything that is happening. It is outside of your influence. My response to this was; Plan your day, every day. This will bring a level of certainty back in your mind and life. So yes, although there is uncertainty in society, you have certainty in your day

One viewer on the day smashed a 430m ascent doing a virtual Everest basecamp trek – SMASHED I!!

A great comment shared: “We have to be careful not to label ourselves too much”. This is so true – we often label ourselves based on past experience or a “failure”. Be mindful of what you say about you and the language you use. Emotionally charged language will have a negative impact on you

Some Gratitude sent in to TYNS

  • “You! (TYNS) Friends on the web who have stuck around”
  • “All that I have learnt in the school of life”
  • “Family and friends”
  • “my kids”
  • “time!
  • “My right hand” – sent by a w**ker

That last one – gen sent by a friend by w**ker! lol If you’re not tuning into the live feeds over on my Instagram Rishi_tyns Please explain yourself. If you enjoy reading my waffle, I’d really really love if you could give the blog a shoutout and maybe share the blog or take a screen shot and give us your thoughts – don’t forget to tag

For now, adios

Rishi (INSTAGRAM Rishi_tyns)